Just like organizing apartments, organizing a refrigerator is also a daunting task. Regardless if it’s a high or low refrigerator, regardless if it has a shelf or drawer, mini fridge or four-door refrigerator, it is vital that you organize your fridge correctly for enhancing its space. Your refrigerator is not only meant for storing your food. The refrigerator is meant for storing all your condiments, snacks, as well as meal-fixings in the most optimal conditions. Each of the compartments of a refrigerator has a different temperature which means that if you store the wrong thing in the wrong place, then you are missing out the major cooling advantage of your refrigerator. And storing foods in the wrong compartments can even lead to the decay of the food which eventually leads to loss of money.

It is essential for the foods to be stored at a chill temperature to sustain them for a longer period of time. And storing the foods and containment will help to prevent the growth of bacteria along with other microbes which may result in the spoiling of the food. The interior temperature should always be lower than 40 F and the freezer should be at 0 F. But, even if this temperature is maintained inside the refrigerator, the temperature inside the refrigerator varies from one chamber to another so, if you want to store your food for a longer period of time, than it is essential that you organize your fridge properly. So, here are a few tips that will help you to store your food in the right place for sustaining them for a longer period of time while keeping them fresh at the same time.

Refrigerator organizing tips


A freezer is one of the essential parts of a refrigerator which is needed for storing foods that needs to be stored in freezing temperature. The freezer is used for storing ice, veggies, frozen fruits, stock, and meat along with plenty of other items. In the freezer, you can even store some other foods for using them later such as pasta sauce, tortillas along with eggs. While storing foods in the freezer, you need to pack the food in an airtight container and keep those things organized. This is one of the most helpful tricks that will help you to save energy along with the optimizing the storage of the refrigerator.


One of the warmest parts of a refrigerator is the door which is used for reserving foods which can’t be spoiled easily. You can store juices, condiments, along with plenty of other foods which can sustain even in room temperatures. Since the doors of a refrigerator can easily get warm, you should avoid storing dairy products.


The shelves are divided into two different parts which are the upper shelves and the lower shelves. So, while storing g foods in the shelves, you need to store the foods that don’t need to be cooked in the upper shelves such as drinks, leftovers, hummus, tortillas and much more. You can even store herbs in the uppers shelves by dipping them in a jar filled with water and covering the mouth of the jar using a plastic bag. Using this procedure, you can even store berries and more. And in the lower shelves of a refrigerator, you can store the foods that need to be stored in the coldest temperature while not getting them to freeze such as raw meats, seafood, eggs, along with plenty of other dairy products. To contain the bacteria of the raw meat, you should store the raw meat in its original packaging, or you can even store the meat in a container which needs to be cleaned regularly.

One important tip that needs to be maintained through the storage of a refrigerator is not getting it packed with stuff. It is essential that there is a free space maintained inside the refrigerator so that there is easy air flow.