Traditionally, websites were hosted on a single web server dedicated to it. Technology had not advanced to allow Shared Hosting or VPS Servers or Cloud Hosting services. If you wanted to host a website, you needed a Dedicated Server – period. Hence, site owners were used to having dedicated resources and administrative rights or root access on the web server. The System Administrator privilege in Windows is similar to Root Access in Linux. If you have played around with the settings and software on your personal computer, you would know what a system administrator access can do. With web hosting services, having root access offers similar benefits. Over time, Dedicated Servers became the preferred choice of growing businesses. Today, we will be talking about the advantages of having root access with your Dedicated Server.

  1. Customizability of the Hosting Environment

As mentioned above, root access grants you administrative rights on the Dedicated Server. When you own a Dedicated Server, you have all the rights to choose the operating system, install applications and software, etc. However, when you opt for a Dedicated Server Hosting service, the provider offers root access so that you can operate it as well as your in-house server. This allows you to get the most out of your Dedicated Server.

Further, having root access allows you to create highly customized hosting plans that are designed to attract your target audience. If you want to install custom applications or software on your Dedicated Server, then you need root access or administrative rights. You can also open ports on Dedicated Servers without having to wait for the web host to do the same for you.

  1. Complete Control over Site Security

Since root access allows you to install any application or software, you can create a security plan including any third-party security tools too. Further, since you have the server dedicated to your site, you can tweak any settings to create the best possible defense system. While web hosts are adept at ensuring site security, if you prefer complete control over the same, the root access feature of Dedicated Servers can be a great help.

  1. Independent Server Management

Even if you opt for Managed Dedicated Server Hosting plans, having root access means that you don’t have to depend on the web host for everything. While the host will ensure that he manages the server based on your requirements, if you need to tweak some settings and have the technical expertise (or team) to do so, then with root access, you will not face any server permission issues. This can save time and increase efficiency since you cut the process short by making some changes yourself.


Hence, as explained above, root access offers many advantages with a Dedicated Server. In fact, there is no reason for a web host to not provide this access in a Dedicated Hosting plan since you are the sole user of the server and its resources. Ensure that you make the most out of your server by utilizing the root access well. Good Luck!