Shopping bag is a must when you are out for shopping. Plastic bags do so much harm to nature. Reusable bags are the best option towards releasing overfilled city waste and landfill sites. They are much safer, affordable and durable than plastic bags. Due to their numerous advantages inclusion of these bags proves to be an intelligent decision.

The days of plastic shopping bags that were used once in a single use are long gone. These bags were the staple of every store across the country. The plastic bag tax was implemented in 2015. Since then, there has been a 90% decrease in plastic bags. Both shoppers and retailers have started to invest in eco-friendly and reusable bags. We’ll be discussing the practical, environmental, and economic benefits that reusable shopping bags can bring to you and your customers in the remainder of this blog.

Attractive Appearance

Available in remarkable styles under big brands, you will be dazzled to see the exciting range of bags. You will find these bags in different colors, shapes and styles to choose from. Tote bags and handbags are two popular forms that have captured eyeballs of people. Looking at their popularity, some renowned designers have begun offering reusable handbags and tote bags as an eminent part of fashion collections.


Reusable bags are purely made from recycled materials. The inexpensive material from which these bags are made last for a long time. People are attracted towards appearance and feel of fabric shopping bags. Reusable bags made from cotton are very common. Besides cotton, you can even get these bags in synthetic material too.


As an increasing number of grocery stores require customers to pay for plastic bags, adopting reusable shopping bags make ecological and financial sense. Considering the lifespan of reusable bags, they turn out to be a lot economical. Once purchased, they are going to serve you for many years to come. These bags are made from recycled and sustainable fabrics that cost very less.

Many grocery stores provide shopping incentives to people on using reusable bags. These stores also provide program points and discounts if you shop with a reusable bag. These small savings when added over a period can result in good amount of savings.

Popular kinds of reusable shopping bags

Reusable shopping bags and grocery bags are available for purchase Reusable Bags Wholesale Pricing Available From Custom Earth Promos in various offline and online stores worldwide. Common materials used for making reusable bags are hep, canvas, polypropylene and jute. Most of these shopping bags are light in weight, easy to wash in machine and highly durable.

How are reusable bags ethical?

Plastic carry bags that are made by burning fossil fuels, using unfair labor practices and cutting of trees. Reusable bags do not involve any of these practices. It helps in saving fauna and flora and reducing the emission of poisonous greenhouse gases.

Easy to carry

To carry a reusable fabric bag that comes with a comfortable and cloth handle is far safer and convenient on the hands. With these bags, you would not get more cuts on your hands as you get while handling a plastic bag.

Faster packing

Reusable bags come with improved shape that aids in carrying items easily. Quick bagging and fast packing are some of the benefits of plastic bag. There is also no possibility of torn or split bags.


Even if you get plastic shopping bags at free of cost, you can still opt for environment friendly alternative. Discard use of plastic bag and do your bit in contributing towards saving the planet.